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Tony Mandarich Interview

On of my fellow SB Nation bloggers, BigBlueShoe over at Stampede Blue, had the chance to interview former Packer Tony Mandarich. I hadn't realized there was a five year gap between his Packers and Colts days. I guess I was just enjoying the young Brett Favre era to think too much about him.

I had to look back to try and remember why they finally gave up on him and per the NY Times they said he sat out the 1992 season on the Packers I.R. "with a thyroid condition and post-concussion syndrome."

''I was sick of football,'' Mandarich said of his feelings at the time he was released. ''I ended up resenting everything that pro football represented. I was tired of all of it, the media, football and practice. I just had enough. I put too much pressure on myself and I talked way too much when I came out, probably to get more money.''

Since Shoe is a Colts guy, not much was said about Green Bay, but he's aware he screwed up while with the Packers:

"Well , at 11 months sober I decided... well, I mean, I decided much earlier than that, but at 11 months sober I was ready to try to break back into the NFL by trying to get some workouts. And the Philadelphia Eagles said, listen, we have a scout flying through Cleveland on his way back to Philly. And if you want to drive to Cleveland and work out for him, we will take a look. I was just grateful for that after all the nonsense I had created in Green Bay. I was happy that someone would even at least take a look at me."