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Matt Hasselbeck Is Out

QB Matt Hasselbeck hasn't practiced all week and backup QB Seneca Wallace hasn't been able to practice either. Former Cleveland starting QB Charlie Frye had been getting all the reps with the first team and the scout team, so Seattle signed a QB for the practice squad just so Frye didn't have to throw all the passes in practice.

I've been assuming Hasselbeck would skip practice, but be good enough to play on Sunday.

Instead Frye will get the start on Sunday. At least one Seattle fan is hoping Frye will spend the entire game handing the ball off to RB Julius Jones.

This changes everything. Frye doesn't have the arm to throw downfield, so this allows the linebackers and safeties to play closer to the line. Seattle was having a lot of trouble getting all their new receivers adjusted to the complex offense and now throw in a QB who has even less experience with them. Now this is a game the Packers should win, and it becomes a huge problem if they can't win against a team that is sinking as bad as Seattle.