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Should The Packers Trade for Tony Gonzalez?

Kansas City isn't the worst team in the NFL, at least they've won a game, but they are a couple years away from returning to the playoffs. Their season is over, and now they're looking around and wondering what teams would offer for Pro Bowl TE Tony Gonzalez, and it's rumored the Packers are interested.

There are a lot of reasons why the Packers shouldn't trade for him. He's 32 years old, his best days are certainly behind him, and it would probably take him a while to get used to the offensive system. But Kansas City is eager to get something done before the trade deadline and it's rumored they are only asking for a 3rd round pick in return.

The Packers don't have a true receiving threat at tight end. TE Donald Lee had a good 2007 season, but he's better known for his blocking and is a receiver second. He's having a good 2008 season, but he's clearly not the first option on any pass play and I doubt anyone is game planning to stop him. Gonzalez would give opposing defenses something else to think about. Plus he's actually healthy! Always something to consider as injuries continue to plague them.

Gonzalez also managed to upset a bunch of people when he complained about not breaking the tight end receiving yardage record during the Chiefs lone 2008 victory. At the price of a 3rd round pick, it's worth checking into, but a trade for Gonzalez would make a lot more sense for the other teams mentioned in the article, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and the NY Giants.