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Packers 27, Seattle 17

This is a short one. I worked all day, and stayed up way past my bedtime to watch a recording of the game. A few things stood out in this one.

QB Charlie Frye is awful. He has no accuracy on passes beyond 10 yards. WR Koren Robinson made an outstretched catch on one overthrown pass, but CB Tramon Williams and CB Charles Woodson each had an INT on passes over 10 yards that were off target. He gave them no chance to win.

Seattle's offensive line is really inconsistent. They usually provided good protection, but DE Aaron Kampman made the right side of their line (Locklear and Womack) look foolish at times. Seattle's biggest play, a 50 yard run by RB Julius Jones, was called back on a hold by LG Mike Wahle. Night and day difference from last week when the Packers barely sniffed Atlanta's QB Matt Ryan on the pass rush because Atlanta's o-line is playing very well. The play by their respective offensive lines is why Atlanta is one of the big surprises this season and Seattle is one of the big disappointments.

WR Jordy Nelson. It was only 4 catches, but this was his best game yet. He caught all the passes early in the game. Before this game, most of his receptions came late in the games when the Packers were behind and the defenses were playing off. Seattle's secondary is really struggling, CB Marcus Trufant is supposed to be their shutdown corner and they threw right at him all game, but with WR James Jones out again, they really need a 3rd WR who can produce and keep the double teams off Driver and Jennings. Jennings had the big game, his big catch came when he got a step on Trufant in single coverage, but if teams have to respect Nelson it will help Jennings too.

Finally, QB Aaron Rodgers. His 4th game with a QB rating over 100, second straight game he's done that while struggling with his bad shoulder. The game against Dallas was an average 80 QB passer rating, and his only bad QB rating game was at Tampa when his stats were dragged down by 2 INTs that were completely not his fault. He had a costly fumble against Seattle, but that was his only major miscue. He's still the team MVP.