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When Might Justin Harrell and Al Harris Return?

DT Justin Harrell is eligible to come off the PUP (physically unable to perform) list this week and could play next Sunday which would be a big help because DT Ryan Pickett might not be able to play, but it doesn't sound like Harrell will be able to help for a while:

"Harrell has been working out with the team’s strength and conditioning coaches and recently started wearing pads and hitting blocking dummies. The Packers think he’s in good condition, though he will need a few weeks to get in good enough football shape to play a substantial number of snaps."

The Packers might be better off giving one of the defensive tackles on the practice squad, Fred Bledsoe or Alfred Malone, a chance before Harrell at this point. The only question is who would be released to make room for one of those three players. Probably the recently signed DE Kenny Pettway.

I thought CB Al Harris was done for the season, but it appears his torn spleen is healed and he should be able to return soon:

"That return could come as soon as the Nov. 2 game at Tennessee, meaning Harris might miss only one more game. The Packers play the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and then have their bye week.If it were up to Al, he’d play this week,” said Harris’ agent, Jack Bechta. “The wise thing to do (is rest) with the bye right around the corner. We might as well take advantage of that.”

CB Charles Woodson and CB Tramon Williams have played great while Harris has been out, but current nickel CB Will Blackmon has struggled at times. It's possible Harris becomes the new 3rd cornerback because he might not be able to play 100% of the time, at first.