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Dallas Acquires WR Roy Williams from Detroit

Dallas lost their franchise QB to a broken pinky, and then their star cornerback to bad behavior, so they trade for a wide receiver?

On note on QB Tony Romo's broken finger. I compared it to the broken thumb QB Brett Favre had in 1999 and how it really was a big problem for him throughout 1999 and the first half of 2000. Then I saw Steve Young on ESPN explaining how a broken thumb or first finger is a big problem, but a pinky finger shouldn't be a lingering problem. Some QBs could even have it taped and play through it, but the way Romo throws, this is Steve Young's explaination, not mine, makes it impossible for Romo to play through it.

Obviously this helps the Packers in 2008 because Detroit's offense will have even less punch when they play in Lambeau later this season. Was the problem in Dallas that WR Terrell Owens and TE Jason Witten weren't enough of a threat? They couldn't have traded for a QB, no one would have gotten up to speed with the offense and been useful before Romo returned. But they would have been better off trading for an extra pass rusher, or another cornerback, if a decent one was even available.