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Packers 34, Indianapolis 14

What a way to go into the bye week. A few quick hits on the game:

Pass offense. QB Aaron Rodgers was his usual self, post shoulder injury, going 21 for 28 with 186 yards, 1 TD and zero turnovers. His biggest contribution was to keep the offense moving while not allowing any turnovers. Indianapolis did a good job covering the wide receivers, RB Brandon Jackson was the leading receiver, but the pass protection was fantastic.

Run offense. I expected this to be the difference between winning and losing, and boy was I wrong. RB Ryan Grant had a good day, 31 for 105 and 1 TD, but he was stuffed a lot against a pretty poor run defense. Still it was his best game of the season; he had a few good 1st down runs and the offensive line opened up a giant hole on his 11 yard TD run.

Run defense. RB Dominic Rhodes had a good game, running and receiving the ball, but it was only 20 for 73 yards (well under 4 yards/carry) and he wasn't much of a factor. He was about what I expected because he's not a good running back, but the Packers run defense isn't very good either.

Pass defense. The star of the show. CBs Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson were great against their wide receivers. Although he was a step slow on everyone, LB Brandon Chillar worked hard covering the middle of the field and is a very sure tackler. Obviously S Aaron Rouse and S Nick Collins stole the show with two INTs returned for TDs. The secondary has been great all season, but this was the first time they played a top tier pass offense and shut them down. They've shut down nearly every pass offense they've played this season, except Dallas.