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Aaron Rodgers: Game-Manager

While QB Peyton Manning was throwing two pick-sixes, QB Aaron Rodgers completed 21 of 27 for 186 yards, 1 TD and no turnovers. It was a solid game, but I was surprised to see Football Outsiders week 7 Quick Reads ranked it as the 2nd best performance by a QB last weekend:

186 yards seems like a pedestrian day, but Rodgers didn't turn the ball over and wasn't sacked once despite being buzzed by defenders all day. This is what a game-manager actually looks like.

Although Bill Barnwell did get a ribbing for confusing S Nick Collins with Houston's S Nick Ferguson when discussing Manning's first pick-six.

It wasn't a monster week for QBs, no QB threw for over 2 TDs on Sunday and QB Matt Cassel's 3 TD performance on Monday came after the above article was posted by Football Outsiders. Maybe Rodgers slipped to 3rd. I don't remember if Rodgers has even been listed higher in any previous week's Quick Reads, but I think it is his highest ranking. The old, faithful QB ranking, as flawed as it is, says that was his 4th best game of the season. But QB ranking doesn't take into account sacks or fumbles. It was a solid game, but it seems odd that it might have been his best game of the season.