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Managing the Bye Week

You know, I think I'm going to do like Mike McCarthy and take some time off at the end of the week:

(I've never heard a coach say it was a bad time for the bye, but is there a bad time?)
That's a fair question. I would think if you're extremely healthy and you've won a bunch of games and you're playing at a high level, it would probably be a bad time for a bye. This is a good time for the bye for our football team. I think we need this from a health standpoint, and that's really the primary focus as we go into this week

(What do you do personally during the bye? Do you take some time off?)
Yeah, I'll take some time off at the end of the week.

He'll probably be spending some time trying to get that baby crib assembled:

(When is she due?)
Pretty soon.

(How does that work? Do you have some contingencies?)
How does what work? She's going to have a baby just like everybody else in this world.

(Are you as detailed in baby preparations as you are in game preparations?)
It's been 17 years since I have been through this, but I don't remember doing a whole lot. I'll carry the bag and make sure there is gas in the car, things like that. I can handle that.