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Matt Millen Called Brett Favre Before Detroit Played Green Bay

Here's the transcript. No matter who did what and where, this thing makes Favre look bad, makes Matt Millen look bad (I can't believe it was possible to make Millen look like more of an idiot), and it makes ESPN look bad. Well maybe Jay Glazer is padding his rep with this story, so it's good for him.

Favre's denial:

"The only thing I'd say about that, and of course I've heard the reports, is that that week, Matt Millen called me...

I talked to Millen for 15 or 20 minutes...

I think the question he asked was, ‘anything in particular you guys did to us last year or how you looked at us?' I couldn't tell you what Detroit runs this year, I haven't watched them and I can vaguely remember what they did last year. The only thing I know about that game last year, the one in Green Bay, was that it didn't really matter late in the year. The first one, I think I had 22 straight completions. That's about all I can remember. I know we won the game...

We went empty formation. We just kept throwing completion after completion. They study film. They know what type of plays (we ran)."

On one level it's crazy to think that Favre, who's built his gunslinger reputation on the fact that he's not that greatest strategist in NFL history and famously didn't even know what a nickel defense was for a while, would be able to tell Detroit anything useful. All I've read is that Favre gave Detroit "insight into what the Packers do on offense". What exactly was that "insight"? In the quote above, the "insight" Favre admitted to giving was useless. If that's all Millen got, then he would have been better off giving me a call. I haven't read anything that contradicted Favre's description of the "insight". If that's all that happened, then story over.