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Around the NFC North on Sunday

And there was only one game, Detroit lost to Washington 25 to 17. Everyone else (Packers, Minnesota, and Chicago) had their bye week. Everyone knows the season is over in Detroit, but looking at the stats against Washington, it doesn't appear that it was even close. Washington dominated in total yards, 439 to 274, and time of possession, 35:45 to 24:15. But Detroit had no turnovers and that kept the score close. Detroit's fans are wondering why Drew Stanton hasn't had a chance at QB.

At 4-3, the Packers are still very much in control of their own destiny, although it's likely they'll be 4-4 after next Sunday's brutal game at unbeaten Tennessee. There are a lot of NFC teams with 3 losses or less, the entire NFC East has a winning record, so the Wild Card has to be considered an uphill battle. They have to focus on winning their division games, and winning the NFC North. Minnesota is a step behind since they are 3-4 and have lost to both Chicago and the Packers. They've got to make up a game in the standings and they have the tie breakers working against them. Are the Packers better than Chicago?

Teams Wins Losses Points Scored Points Allowed Net Points Division Record
Packers 4 3 194 159 35 2-0
Chicago 4 3 196 150 46 2-0

That's about as close statistically as any two teams in the NFL. They are hardly the same type of teams, different styles on offense, defense, etc., but the results have been nearly identical. Still three more weeks before the Packers and Bears meet for the first time this season, but those head-to-head games might decide the division championship.