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DT Johnny Jolly Indicted on Felony Drug Possession

This isn't really surprising. Per wikipedia, "a grand jury rarely acts in a manner contrary to the wishes of the prosecutor." Now Jolly has to figure out what he wants to do and see if this will end his season.

Obviously he's got some legal issues to figure out, but his loss would be huge on the field. Jolly isn't having a great season, he was much better in 2007, but NT Ryan Pickett has been struggling with injuries all season and the only other tackle on the active roster is Colin Cole. I'm not a big fan of Cole although he's been getting some good press lately. Even if DT Justin Harrell is able to return soon, that would leave only three tackles if Jolly is suspended. There are a couple tackles on the practice squad, but they are clearly a step down from Jolly.

This shouldn't have any impact on the game at Tennessee, although Jolly might be understandably distracted this week. I doubt there will be any discipline this week, the players' union would probably go balistic if the league or team tried to discipline a player who only has charges pending. Keep your eyes on the NFL police blotter for any updates.