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Friday Injury Report for Week 9 at Tennessee

This can't be the Packers injury report? The Packers have had one to three starters out with an injury nearly every week this season. CB Al Harris and S Atari Bigby have been constant old friends on it for weeks. Now nearly everyone is healthy. It's like they're a typical NFL team!

Player Pos. Injury Friday Participation Friday Status
Desmond Bishop LB Hamstring Did Not Participate Doubtful
Chad Clifton T Knees Limited Participation Probable
Jason Hunter DE Hamstring Full Participation Probable
Danny Lansanah LB Hamstring Full Participation Probable
Jordy Nelson WR Ankle Did Not Participate Questionable
Aaron Rodgers QB Right Shoulder Limited Participation Probable
Charles Woodson CB Toe Limited Participation Probable

There are some notable names; Clifton, Rodgers, and Woodson. But those three have been listed for weeks and always manage to play through their injuries. Only Clifton's got so bad that he had to come out during the Atlanta game in week 5. Rodgers and Woodson have been playing great despite their injuries.

It looks like Hunter and Lansanah should be available, but Bishop has a hamstring injury, the Packers are very cautious with those, and he won't play.

The biggest loss is Nelson, who just got hurt during Thursday's practice. Tennessee's pass defense is fantastic, but they have had some problems against number 3 receivers. They're "only" average (15th in the league) against them. But actual number 3 WR James Jones has been back in practice all week, after missing most of the season so far with a variety of injuries. Getting Jones, or Nelson if he can play, involved in the offense early and often is very important because they need to get everyone involved in the offense if they want to beat a defense as talented as Tennessee's.