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Talking About Injuries

When the press asked Mike McCarthy questions yesterday, almost all of them were about injuries. Who's hurt? Are they going to play on Sunday?

Right now this season is reminding me a lot of 2005. In 2004, the Packers won the division for the 3rd straight season. Then in 2005, WR Javon Walker had a season ending knee injury in week 1, and then RB Ahman Green was out for the season a few weeks later. Chicago started out slow, going 1-3 in the first four games, but then went on a tear to finish 11-5 and win the division. Injuries hurt the Packers, and a slow start didn't stop Chicago from winning a weak division.

Obviously things are different now in 2008, there are probably a dozen things everyone reading this post could point out and any or all of them may be a good reason why 2005 won't repeat itself, but it's something on my mind.