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Eyes On The 2013 Draft

During my regular journeys around these internets, I stumbled across a post on Deadspin about Favre. No, not former Packer Brett Favre. It's his nephew, junior quarterback for your St. Stanislaus High School Rock-a-chaws(?) in Mississippi, Dylan Favre.

I'll let you read the article and make your own judgements. I'm just saying...the kid graduates high school next year...and assuming he gets a spot on a college team and actually plays...Aaron Rodgers will be 30 and probably still in his prime, but a replacement is going to be considered sometime...

How crazy would it be if the Packers were to draft this kid? It's probably a one-in-a-trillion-gajillion chance of actually happening, but at least it would shut up the group of fans clamoring for the team to bring Favre back.