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Missing Corey Williams

The Packers' run defense has been a big problem this season. Last season, the run defense was much better and DT Corey Williams played a lot last season after DT Johnny Jolly was lost for the season due to an injury.

GM Ted Thompson used the franchise tag on Williams in the offseason, with the intention of keeping him for one more season and probably letting him leave in free agency after 2008 or 2009. Instead, Cleveland's GM Phil Savage gave Thompson an offer he couldn't refuse, Williams for a 2nd round draft choice. The Packers used the pick to select QB Brian Brohm, and Cleveland gave Williams $36 million, with as much as $18 million guaranteed.

Although the Packers could use the help on the defensive line, Williams would have been no help.

Football Outsiders ranks the Packers defensive line 31st, only Cleveland (Williams' new home) is ranked worse. Chris from Dawgs by Nature confirms that Williams has failed to make a significant impact. And Williams is struggling while playing right next to arguably the best defensive lineman in the NFL:

"I think [DT Shaun Rogers]'s as good as any defensive tackle in the game. It's obvious that he's going to suffer from the fact that opposing offenses can really make things happen if only they can get him out of the way. Not that it's easy - the way he's playing now, Shaun Rogers is one all-in, non-stop, hellacious problem for any offensive line...

Through the second quarter, the Jaguars double-teamed Rogers more often; he was obviously the focus of that offensive line. The object was to get two guys on him, push one way, and send the play the other. The Browns currently rank 32nd in Defensive Adjusted Line Yards despite Rogers' presence. That's a pretty good indicator that if you stop him, you stop the line."

I had been wondering if the Packers were missing Williams, and that is truly not the case.