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Penalties During The Minnesota Game

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I finally got to watch my recording of last Sunday's Minnesota game. Right at the end of it, I was wondering why didn't RB Adrian Peterson get a personal foul for taking his helmet off immediately after his game winning TD run? I'm glad to see this is still being discussed among NFL officials. My wife suggested that since he was technically on the side line in the end zone it wasn't a penalty. I thought was a hell of a novel theory. It should have been a penalty, but I'm letting it go because the stupid No Fun League with all their stupid excess celebration penalties are annoying. I don't mind the players trying to one-up each other with a new stupid celebration. If it disrupts the game because it takes too long then just call a five yard delay of game penalty.

When I watched the first safety, I was thinking that the ball didn't cross the line of scrimmage and QB Aaron Rodgers wasn't outside the tackle box, so it probably was an illegal forward pass and a safety. I guess that's wrong, because a lot of different people are still talking about it. I'm not a rules nut, and I don't have a copy in front of me, so I'm not going to dissect the language of the rule. Obviously it made a big difference in the game, but the NFL isn't going to make the Vikings forfeit the game, so I'm letting this one go too. It was weird to watch and read how many different interpretations of one play/one rule can happena among officials. Those refs huddle up to discuss that play for a long time during the game. This is sure to be something that is addressed and cleared up in the offseason by the league and the competition committee.