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Remembering Bob Jeter

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When I read that former Packer CB Bob Jeter had died, I admit I wasn't familiar with him. He played on the great Lombardi teams of the 1960s. He was a star player in 1966 and 1967 when the Packers won the first two Super Bowls. He had a great career as a cornerback for the Packers, but as you can see from his career stats, his career got off to a slow start. He was a college running back from Iowa, went to the CFL for two years, and then came back to play for the Packers. "Speed made Jeter a decent receiver and a tremendous cornerback."

From John Maxymuk's book, Packers by the Numbers:

"Vince Lombardi made the same mistake with Jeter that he did earlier with another Big Ten halfback who he didn't think fit the Packers' running style-Herb Adderley. He tried to make wide receivers out of both of them...Bob Jeter, though, spent two seasons as a reserve receiver before finally being shifted to cornerback...In the next two years he would team with Adderley to shut down the top receivers of many teams...Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith would say of Jeter that, "In the past, left cornerback Herb Adderley was so good that the opponents picked on Jeter. But now they can't. Jeter has more speed than Adderley and is better at moving up on the end run."