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Around the NFC North

The Packers got no help around the NFL today as both Chicago and Minnesota won. And, of course, Detroit lost again.

Chicago won comfortably, 27-3, but it was against the lowly, lowly Rams. After Jim Haslett took over, St. Louis managed to win two games in a row against Washington and Dallas. But they've been sticking the season back in the crapper ever since. The Rams are not a talented team, but injuries have been killing them the past couple seasons. Still, this was not a dominant performance by Chicago, according to WCG at Windy City Gridiron:

"It is a fine line when talking about a performance like this.  Half of you wants to squeal like a little girl who just got front row tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert.  The realist in you says it was a good day, but it was the Rams.  The Bears needed this.  A nice easy day, had some fun, tried some things and hopefully got a little confidence back."

Minnesota had a much tougher opponent in Jacksonville. But Jacksonville didn't come ready to play:

"The game, though, really was decided in the opening minutes.

It started on the first play. David Garrard lined up in shotgun formation, but Brad Meester apparently thought he was under center.

Meester's snap fell to the ground, Napolean Harris picked it up and ran 28 yards for a touchdown. The Jaguars were behind 7-0 and stunned after just 7 seconds. It got worse, too.

Rookie Brian Witherspoon fumbled the ensuing kickoff -- the first of six mistakes on special teams -- and Minnesota recovered another loose ball. Chester Taylor found the end zone three plays later, scoring on a cutback run from 3 yards out and making it 14-0."

Here's what a Viking fan at the Daily Norseman said:

"That's the type of score

(moreso 30-10, rather than 30-12… but I won’t complain) I like to see My Vikings put up

Take away the first 14, and we still top 16-12. Good game by the Defense, CT, and AP. Way to not screw it up Childress & Frerotte"

Detroit keeps finding ways to lose. They go up 17-0 only to lose 38-20. Former 2nd round pick QB Drew Stanton finally had a chance to play, and he gets knocked of the game. Here's what one Lions' fan said at the Pride of Detroit:

"here's my problem...

this looks just like last week. Lions dominate the 1st quarter, get dominated in the 2nd. The rest of the game will be mistake after mistake and the defense won’t wake up, and the lions may take the lead in there somewhere, but will not hold it, and lose by 4 or 5 points."

With both Chicago and Minnesota winning, the Packers have to keep winning too. I don't expect any of the them to run the table, but there is little room for error.