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Was Mike McCarthy Embarrassed in New Orleans?

I know he's required to talk in coach speak, but isn't he pissed/disappointed/suicidal after getting crushed in New Orleans? From his press conference:

"There were segments throughout the game that we did a lot of positive things in the three areas, and then obviously there were segments in the game, particularly their offense versus defense, that we didn't do very well. So we'll correct that and move on."

It doesn't sound like his blood is up. We've all agreed to move on.

He was peppered about was the lousy performance by P Derrick Frost. McCarthy answered a bunch of questions that were specifically about Frost by saying WE didn't punt well and WE need to improve. The reporters gave it a couple more tries before McCarthy put his foot down:

"Gentlemen, I understand the point you are making. It's been heard. It's been well-received. We're going to continue to work this week and get ready for Carolina."

The Gentleman from Green Bay has the floor. I did find someone willing to frankly discuss the Packers' punter:

"I’m done mentioning Frost. He’s embarrassing."

At least someone is embarrassed.