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Say It Ain't So Al Harris

As the title at Pro Football Talk says, "Al Harris Thinks He's Done in Green Bay."

“I think that’s going to happen. And not from my performance or anything, but we’re going young,” Harris said. “I haven’t talked to Ted about it. I’ve just got a gut feeling that that’s the direction our team is headed. That’s what happens in the league. I just have to make sure that I’m on top of my game. Every game I play is an audition. I have to make sure that I put good stuff on tape.”

Umm...Huh? The secondary has been playing great this season (New Orleans game excepted). Harris has missed a bunch of games with a torn spleen, but he's come back great. I had been wondering if he's been losing some playing time to CB Tramon Williams since his return, but I can't see all the personnel packages by watching the game on TV. Maybe he's upset about playing time as they might be bringing him back slowly from his injury.

According to the PackerChatters salary cap page, Harris is signed through 2011. The only notable free agent after this season is RT Mark Tauscher. They won't need to slash payroll to fit him under the salary cap. Harris is absolutely saying he expects to be released after this season, but I could see it as a possibility after 2009. There are a number of big names who will be free agents after 2009. LT Chad Clifton, DE Aaron Kampman, S Nick Collins, and WR Greg Jennings are the biggest names. But a number of other good players are potential free agents too like DT Johnny Jolly and KR Will Blackmon, OL Jason Spitz, and LB Brandon Chillar. But, as I said above, that's not what Harris is talking about. He's talking about his gut feeling. And I think he's wrong.