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Saving the Fantasy Football Season


Back in July, I invited readers to join the SB Nation fantasy football league. Usually my team has suffered a virtual ACL tear by week 3, but surprisingly I'm leading one of the three divisions in our league with a 7-2 record and tied with two other teams for the overall lead. My midround selection of QB Aaron Rodgers has worked out very well.

I see Fleaflicker is still open for new leagues if you want to push the reset button on your fantasy football season. If anyone is looking for a new league to join, it looks like a good place to go. Or if anyone is enterprising enough, feel free to set up a new league among Packer fans and put the relevant league info in the comments section.

Or, if you want to go in a completely different direction, part 2 of the Football Outsiders Loser League is open, but the deadline to enter is Saturday, Nov. 8th.