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Playoffs? Playoffs?!?

As Jim Mora would say.

Despite what Mitchell said, it's still possible.

Minnesota's the favorite at 7-5. They should win at Detroit next week to go to 8-5. Then they play three playoff teams. At Arizona, then at home against Atlanta and the NY Giants. Arizona is still playing for playoff position, they could be the number 2 seed behind the Giants. Atlanta is still battling for a wild card spot. Unfortunately the Giants might be resting all their starters in week 17. Still, Minnesota isn't known for finishing strong under Brad Childress.

Chicago's loss to Minnesota puts them at 6-6. They have almost the same remaining schedule as the Packers. At home against Jacksonville, New Orleans and the Packers, and week 17 at Houston. The Packers can knock Chicago out of the playoff picture by winning their final four games.

Could Minnesota go 2-2 in their last four games? Can the Packers win their last four games? If they both finish 9-7, then the Packers hold the tiebreaker with only one loss in the NFC North. Those last four games are good matchups for the Packers. I expect they will win them all. The question is whether Minnesota will cooperate and cough up two losses?