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Salary Status For Next Season

bizzle4, just like me, is already looking ahead towards 2009:

"So with a disappointing year thus far and the front page already looking to the 09 season so will i. so who does everyone think we need to resign or let walk and who we should seek in the draft, FA, or trades this offseason?"

PackerChatters has a very good salary cap page if you want a closer look for next season. RT Mark Tauscher is the only significant free agent, and he just suffered a major knee injury. Several other guys aren't under contract after 2008, such as S Atari Bigby. But they are still under the Packers' control as restricted (or exclusive rights) free agents. 

One reason why there are few big name free agents after this season is because this would be the year that members of Mike Sherman's 2004 draft class would become unrestricted free agents, and that draft class was a bomb. Only the two guys at the bottom are good players, and with their low draft status, they've already hit the unrestricted free agent market. C Scott Wells signed a long-term contract a couple years ago, and DT Corey Williams was shipped to Cleveland.

But the Packers can't get crazy next offseason either. There might be a lockout after the 2009 season. Plus there are some big names (DE Aaron Kampman, S Nick Collins, WR Greg Jennings) that will need new contracts after 2009. GM Ted Thompson will have to plan accordingly.