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Packers Sign Another Punter

GM Ted Thompson has a fetish for ex-Washington Redskin punters this season. First P Derrick Frost, now P Durant Brooks has been signed to the practice squad.

I haven't ever seen Brooks punt, so I have no idea if this is a good move. I don't think P Jeremy Kapinos is the answer either.

But I wasn't enamored with P Jon Ryan either. In 2007, he ranked 14th in net punt average and was 2nd with 11 touchbacks. The touchbacks were awful when you consider the guy ahead of him in 2007, San Francisco's P Andy Lee with 13 touchbacks, did that in 105 attempts compared to only 60 for Ryan. He's doing it again this season in Seattle, tied with Minnesota's awful P Chris Kluwe with 12.

Thompson has to bring in more than just Kapinos and Brooks next season. They've gotta find a decent punter. I can't remember the last time they had one.