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How Did The Packers Beat Chicago Back In November?

The Packers have lost 6 of 7 since the October bye week, but somehow, in the middle of all of that losing, they managed to crush Chicago 37-3 back on November 16th. How the hell did that happen?

Since that lopsided loss, Chicago has won 3 of 4.

Chicago has not bounced back because of QB Kyle Orton. He's looked average to awful since his return from an ankle injury suffered in week 9 against Detroit. Here's Bill Barnwell's comments after Orton's stinker against New Orleans last week:

"Orton's struggles are now moving from the "He hasn't healed yet" level to the "He sold his soul to the devil for that early-season stretch" pantheon of performance. Our numbers even include the 77 yards Orton picked up on two pass interference penalties drawn by Devin Hester. If you started Hester in your fantasy league and lost because he "had" only 38 yards, well, you'll be with us when we keep complaining about pass interference penalties not counting as yardage accrued."

My best explanation for what happened back in November was that the defense showed up. LB A.J. Hawk looked good in his first game at middle linebacker (he hasn't looked any good since). S Atari Bigby was still healthy and CB Charles Woodson hadn't been moved over to replace him yet. Chicago only had one offensive drive for more than 29 yards. It was also RB Ryan Grant's best game of the season; and he's looked lousy (Houston game excepted) since then.