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Hope, Thy Name Is Roger Goodell reports that six players have been suspended for violation of the NFL's steroid policy. Three players from New Orleans, one player from Houston, and two guys from Minnesota that we're all too familiar with.

Yep, that's right, Kevin and Pat Williams are officially suspended for four games, which just happens to be the rest of the regular season. What does this mean for our purple clad rivals?

The punishment is an especially harsh blow to Minnesota, which leads the NFC North and relies heavily on the two Williamses to stop the run game.

Tell me about it. I almost feel bad for Minnesota; this really screws them over with only a 1 game lead in the division. I guarantee you that Gonzo over at the Daily Norseman will NOT be pleased about this.

Now, I've already gone on record saying that this year's Packers team will likely miss the playoffs. However, Minnesota losing two of it's best defenders and essentially the core of their run defense just might be the most important thing to the Packers' season.

UPDATE: I was right about Gonzo of the Vikings' SBNation site the Daily Norseman being less than pleased with this news. He is not, however, panicking about the Vikings' chances. The commentors, however, are taking it much much harder. Check out the thread for some serious anger.