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Rodgers and the Offensive Line Shuffle

Not to much to add this ESPN story. It's not a surprise that QB Aaron Rodgers' shoulder still hurts:

"This year, I dealt with some minor injuries and then my shoulder, which was a little bit more of a significant injury. But that's just kind of the way I operate, and I think [it's the way] most guys in the league operate. We all play with pain."

In the first couple weeks after he injured his shoulder in the Tampa Bay game, he said that it only hurt when he threw. It was a couple weeks before the doctors allowed him to start throwing again in practice. It's not a big surprise it still hurts since he's thrown a lot of footballs since then. He probably doesn't need surgery; just some rest and rehab.

The other item in the ESPN story was the benching of RT Tony Moll:

But they will be benching Moll, a third-year player who took over at right tackle after veteran Mark Tauscher sustained a season-ending knee injury in the Dec. 7 loss to Houston. And they will shuffle three players: Daryn Colledge will move from left guard to right tackle, Jason Spitz will move from right guard to left guard and rookie Josh Sitton will enter the lineup at right guard.

Moll was agitated by his benching. "It's just another thing that's frustrating," he said. "Yeah, I mean, what can you say? It's just they're trying to figure out a way to win -- moving three guys must be the way."

Just a little bit of sarcasm from Moll. He is a good player, although he does commit too many penalties, and Sitton is probably better (given an opportunity). The interesting idea is moving Colledge to tackle. He seems to play better at tackle, matched up against smaller defensive ends. Sometimes he is abused on a bull rush (DT Tommie Harris had a big game last week). Since the Packers use a zone blocking scheme, they don't necessarily need a giant right tackle like most power rushing schemes, this might work. Unfortunately, Detroit's defensive line stinks so it won't really be a true test for him.