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Losing CB Pat Lee

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Rookie 2nd round CB Pat Lee hurt his knee in the New Orleans game and it looks like his season is over. Perennial practice squad LB Spencer Havner will take his roster spot.

Man the secondary is just getting killed. Rouse and Bigby are hurting. Collins is playing, but he's got some bumps and bruises. It looks like they are serious about moving CB Charles Woodson to safety. From Mike McCarthy's press conference, reporters' questions in bold and his answers afterward:

(Did Woodson come out of the game any different playing safety, as far as the cutting and movement with his foot?)
That's a good question. I did not ask him that. As far as when we go through the report with Pat McKenzie, he said Charles is doing better was where he was at, and wanted to keep him on the same schedule. I would say maybe not less cutting, but he was in a lot more tackles around the ball. I don't have a feel for that.

(With Woodson at safety and Lee injured, is Joe Porter a candidate to play some nickel or dime?)
Joe gets some work there in the dime. He's also a candidate to possibly play on special teams. All our practice squad guys that we've been bringing up, their vehicle to get on the 45 has been special teams.

But losing Lee and Woodson means CB Tramon Williams will start alongside Harris. CB Will Blackmon is the new nickel and behind him stands CB Joe Porter. He was just added to the roster from the practice squad.

Houston can pass the ball. Hopefully everyone can adjust to their new roles by Sunday.