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Watching The Pro Bowl

After spending several months closely watching every aspect of each game, to watch the Pro Bowl and see the best players in the NFL stand around on plays is a little depressing. The players shouldn't play at full speed and no one should get hurt, but it makes the game pretty dull.

It was disappointing that the rules didn't allow the NFC's top players to run the Packers' offense. Because players can't go in motion and a tight end has to play on every down in the Pro Bowl, some of their unique formations such as the tight end in the backfield and the five receiver set weren't available.

DE Aaron Kampman had the best stats of the Packers that made the Pro Bowl with three tackles and one sack. They were classic Kampman hustle plays too. In the first quarter, he was up against the outstanding rookie T Joe Thomas and he couldn't do anything except try and get around him. On his sack, the shotgun snap flew way over QB Peyton Manning's head and he ran back about 10 yards to go get it. Thomas didn't notice and let Kampman run way outside, but on that play he was running right at Manning for the sack. Kampman was better at running a stunt, cutting back towards the center and running straight up the middle. It looked like he got held each time he ran the stunt, but that wasn't getting called in this game. On a little screen pass, Kampman was held up the middle, but he ran back downfield after the ball was thrown to tackle RB Joseph Addai after the catch.