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No Homecoming For Wahle

It seemed like a good idea to talk to G Mike Wahle, the former Packer who was recently released by Carolina, and consider signing him to solidify the left guard position while letting the other young players battle it out on the right side. One thing I wasn't sure was how much interest he would generate around the league.

Well the answer was a lot. Seattle swooped in and signed him to a contract. Terms weren't disclosed, but since it happened so soon after his release, and prior to the free agent signing period, it's probably a good deal for Wahle and no bargain for Seattle. Wahle's only 30 years old, but he's been in the league for 10 years (Ron Wolf drafted him in the 2nd round when he was only 20), he had a major shoulder injury in 2006, and there are a lot of NFL miles on him.

The Packers could have used a veteran to shore up the guard position, but Seattle was desperate to replace an aging veteran.