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Unrestricted and Restricted Free Agents

Tom Pelissero posted an article with a list of restricted and unrestricted free agents.

Player Position
Rob Davis LS
Ryan Krause TE
Craig Nall QB
Frank Walker CB
Tyson Walter C
Tracy White LB
Corey Williams DT

Davis is expected back for another season, and he's still an outstanding long snapper. Krause was signed right before the start of the season after 7th round pick TE Clark Harris didn't work out, and got some playing time while TE Bubba Franks was out injured, but he won't be missed if he leaves. Nall was brought back after Favre was hurt in Dallas, and QB Aaron Rodgers' hamstring injury left them with little depth, but he might return to provide depth for next preseason. Walker was the "big" free agent signing from last season who rarely was active during 2007, but he might come back for lack of a better offer and provide some competition in training camp. I thought Walter was a bust in training camp and I'm shocked he's remained on the Packers radar for an entire season. White should return as the special teams' ace for a veteran minimum contract. Williams is the one man in line for a big pay day, and is unlikely to return.

Player Position
Colin Cole DT
Vernand Morency RB

Even if the Packers give Cole the lowest contract offer with no compensation if he signs elsewhere, it seems unlikely any team would steal away a bench player coming off a season ending injury. Depending on the contract the Packers offer Morency, he might draw some interest in free agency. If the Packers offer the lowest contract and would receive no draft choice compensation if he signed away as a restricted free agent, then some team might view him as a 3rd down back worth a multi-year contract, but I doubt any team would be willing to surrender a draft pick to sign him.