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The New Franchise Players

Teams have until Thursday the 21st to place the franchise tag on players that they want to keep for the 2008 season. Probably the biggest name that hasn't been franchised, yet, is Tennessee DT Albert Haynesworth who was arguably the best defensive player in the NFL last season.

Right now it's only speculation whether the Packers will franchise DT Corey Williams. It wouldn't be a bad idea if GM Ted Thompson isn't really interested in the likely free agents available next week, or if he is unlikely to try and sign any other current Packers to extensions. But it would cost over $6 million in 2008 for someone who is a backup on the Packers, so it will not happen.

Here is a photo montage of the players franchised so far. It's not surprising to see the tag on Kansas City's DE Jared Allen, Baltimore's LB Terrell Suggs, Arizona's LB Karlos Dansby, or Indianapolis' TE Dallas Clark. Allen, Suggs, and Dansby are all very good pass rushers, and Clark is a good receiver who's loss would really hurt Indianapolis. It wasn't a surprise that Carolina tagged RT Jordan Gross or that Cincinnati tagged RT Stacy Andrews, there is no way either of them are a top 5 tackle, but their teams had no other options on their rosters. Philadelphia is stupid for placing the franchise tag on TE L.J. Smith who is the worst tight end in his division behind Washington's TE Chris Cooley, the Giants' TE Jeremy Shockey, and Dallas' TE Jason Witten.