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Position Review: Tight End

The Packers came into last season with their top two tight ends know primarily for their run blocking, and not their receiving, which should be a big clue that their role is block first, catch second. As a pass receiver, the TE has an unusual role in Mike McCarthy's offense. He isn't used as the primary receiving target, but is often left back in the backfield as a pass blocker and QB Brett Favre's checkdown if the wide receivers are covered. Sometimes, usually closer to the goal line, he can be used in a post pattern or as a target to one side after a play fake towards the other side.

The Packers entered the 2007 with a big question mark at the position, but with the emergence of TE Donald Lee and signing him to a four year extension during the season, the Packers are in good shape. He was M.I.A. during the 2006 season, but clearly outplayed every other tight end on the roster last season, and showed some surprising receiving skills. Lee is a blocker first, and receiver second, but he's good at both. With the release of TE Bubba Franks, there is no depth, but that will probably be addressed late in the draft or with unsigned free agents.