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Who Ted Thompson Might Draft

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Good article by Bob McGinn for actually getting some quotes from GM Ted Thompson while he was at the NFL combine. Obviously he's not any specific player, but here is what he's doing and thinking:

"I'm not opposed to it [trading up]," said Thompson, the Green Bay Packers' general manager. "It kind of depends on who that player is and how far it is."

"You couldn't get way up there, not picking at 30," Thompson said. "There's a limit. So there's a few players we know we're not going to get."

Thompson and his scouts worked from Feb. 1-18 in advance of the NFL Scouting Combine at the RCA Dome. As a group, they watched tape for about 20 to 25 minutes of every player whom at least one of their scouts admired.

"Historically speaking, Ron always said picks 1 through 17, no matter the year, were in a particular category," said Thompson. "And then picks 17 through 45 were in a particular category. But if history tells you anything it's that at your pick, no matter where you're picking, there's a guy that can help your team."

With the 30th pick overall in hand that means the Packers are unlikely to move up more than 10 picks, and only if they are willing to surrender their 2nd round pick. Usually it's bad to lose your 2nd round pick, but with the Packers low position this year, that means their 2nd round pick is after the 17-45 overall pick range that Thompson mentioned above. This April's draft is deep with talented cornerbacks, so maybe he does move up a few spots to grab the cornerback he really wants, or maybe a few players are close in ability and he is willing to take whoever falls to 30th overall. As Thompson says, there will be a guy available no matter when they pick in the 1st round that can help the team. With the top teams eager to trade away their high draft picks maybe drafting at the end of the 1st round is the best spot for the Packers.