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Cleveland Get Corey Williams

I expected the Packers would keep DT Corey Williams for one more year because of the depth he provided in 2007. Plus he's a good inside pass rusher. So when I read during the NFL combine that it would take a 2nd round pick to trade for him, I thought it was just speculation.

Boy was I wrong. Instead the Packers get a low 2nd round draft choice from Cleveland, the 56th overall.

Last year's 56th pick was DE Victor Abiamiri who didn't do much as a rookie, but it's still early in his career. In 2006 it was KR Devin Hester, in 2005 KR Justin Miller and in 2004 it was DE Antwan Odom.

So in the last four years that spot in the draft has netted two Pro Bowl kick returners and two pass rushing defensive ends. It's not likely the Packers will stumble upon a kick returner of Hester incredible ability, but those are four solid players (Miller's lost 2007 season to injury aside). Nothing spectacular, but a lot cheaper than Williams, younger, and just as likely to contribute.

By the way, Oakland just set the market price for Williams next long-term contract by signing DT Tommy Kelly for $50 million with $18 million guaranteed.

DT Tommy Kelly. Age 27, 6'6" and 300 lbs.
Last full season (2006); 68 tackles, 3.5 sacks.

DT Corey Williams. Age 27, 6'4", 313 lbs.
In 2007; 35 tackles, 7 sacks.

Overall that looks like a pretty good deal for the Packers.