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Was Favre The Best Ever?

Someone, who's never before posted anything here and created a crappy user name, comes cruising by this site to take a shot at Favre in the diaries:

The greatest quarterback of all time was Joe Montana. Favre got lucky with the one Super Bowl ring (thanks to Desmond Howard). If not for that he'd be the same as Dan Marino (minus the Vicodin and alcohol). The Packers might have made the Super Bowl this year if he didn't think every receiver is open. Maybe now they can develop a complete team instead of throwing on every down. All time leader in interceptions.
I deleted the diary because I didn't want to look at his user name and dumb post at the top of the diaries for the next month, but I wanted to keep his words around because I'm not trying to censor anything. I have no idea why someone would want to waste their time with a diary like that. As Pack Man said in the comments:
This make you feel good or something?

I don't really care if Favre was the best ever. That's an impossible argument to prove, not enjoyable to discuss, and doesn't really matter. I'll defend every bad play he ever made, and applaud every great one too, because everything he did on the field was an attempt to win. He played as hard as he could. He played a lot of games for my favorite team, brought a lot of wins and awards to the Packers, and it was an incredible run over two decades. Thanks again Brett.