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Free Agency Continues (Somewhere)

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I've read a bunch of winners and losers columns around the web, and no one has declared the Packers a loser. It would be a stretch to say they're a winner since GM Ted Thompson hasn't signed anybody. The trade of DT Corey Williams for a 2nd round pick was a free agent move of sorts, and maybe focusing on the draft is the best move to make in free agency.

JS Online discussed two free agents the Packers have shown interest in:

QB Trent Green
Luckily the Packers interest wasn't too serious and he's got offers from the Rams and Saints supposedly on the table. The 37 year old should retire after suffering from I don't know how many concussions over the his NFL career.

WR Tab Perry
I don't know if Perry is the answer, but they really could use an upgrade on kick returns. WR Koren Robinson was great in Minnesota, but he hasn't done much as a Packer. Signing a kick returner, not necessarily Perry, could be the one, quiet, free agent move that makes the most difference next season.