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The Free Agent Quarterbacks

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The Packers keep looking at free agent backup quarterbacks. QB Aaron Rodgers has shown he's perfectly able to remain injury prone over the past two seasons despite rarely playing, so this is a very good idea. I still would like to see them add someone in the draft.

Jacksonville's QB Quinn Gray
There is no better free agent QB available. He hasn't played much during his career and his career completion percentage is a little low, but he's been good when given the chance. Football Outsiders liked his 2007 and he succeeded despite playing with one of the worst groups of wide receivers in the NFL. Jacksonville was so desperate to upgrade this offseason that they paid big money for Oakland malcontent WR Jerry Porter and traded for Minnesota's bust WR Troy Williamson.

Washington QB Mark Brunell

Oakland QB Daunte Culpepper
If Culpepper is the best free agent after Gray, and I think he is, then I would rather see QB Craig Nall return in 2008. This is not a deep group of free agent quarterbacks. The remaining free agent quarterbacks aren't good, and there isn't much difference between them.