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I Hope You Have Better Luck With Them

It was surprising when the Packers released TE Bubba Franks, but in hindsight it didn't make sense to pay millions to a backup tight end who isn't even an average receiver on a high powered offense. He's a great blocker, but you can find solid blockers in the 6th round who will work for minimum wage, like FB Korey Hall.

With not a lot of great tight ends roaming the free agent waters, and Franks reputation built on three Pro Bowl appearances, some team was going to take a chance on him, and that team is the New York Jets. After they missed out on TE Ben Utecht, who signed with Cincinnati, it looks like plan B is Franks. It's an odd plan B for the Jets if they really wanted a better receiver like Utecht, because Franks hasn't been above an average receiver since 2004.

It's really surprising that Oakland isn't pursuing Franks since Al Davis has shown a love of paying big free agent money this offseason to players with knee problems.

And in Minnesota, they've decided to spend more time and money to find out that ex-Packer WR Robert Ferguson isn't very good. Still it's only a $1 million deal so the cap hit won't be huge when he's released in training camp.