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Missing Out On CB DeAngelo Hall

It was never rumored, or even seemed a possibility, but should the Packers have traded for Atlanta's CB DeAngelo Hall?

The Packers could use an upgrade at cornerback, moving CB Charles Woodson into the slot as the nickel back (something he often does in the nickel package anyway). Hall is a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, and at age 24, he's still got his best seasons ahead of him.

One problem with Hall was his price. Oakland gave up $24 million guaranteed with a new contract, and their 2nd round pick (34th overall). The Packers have the cap room, but their 2nd round picks are much lower and they would have to had surrendered their 1st round pick. Atlanta might have still preferred Oakland's pick since it was only four selections later and a 2nd round draftee requires a much smaller rookie contract than a 1st rounder. Also, Oakland might have been crazy for giving that much money and such a great draft pick for Hall, so if the Packers had actually gotten him it might have been a pyrrhic victory.

Another problem with Hall is that he's only an above average CB and comes with a big mouth. It's unlikely fans in Atlanta are going to miss him. He probably would have done nothing to help the Packers' team chemistry.

GM Ted Thompson has made a lot of good moves in free agency and in the draft in recent years, but not pursuing Hall was another good move he didn't make too.