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A Major Blow To Al Harris and Atari Bigby

How the NFL spent its offseason: worrying about players' hair.

Adam Schefter reported on NFL Network that the NFL's competition committee is considering a rule that would bar a player from wearing his hair long enough on the field to obscure his name on the back of his jersey.
Why do they care?
According to Schefter, the Kansas City Chiefs proposed the rule change, perhaps motivated by the incident in October 2006, when Chiefs running back Larry Johnson pulled Polamalu's hair to drag him down from behind -- which is legal -- and then held onto the hair after both players hit the ground, drawing an unnecessary roughness penalty.
Other than that single play, I've never heard or seen any other problems with it. It does cover up their names on the back of the jersey, but that's not something I have a problem with. Just another waste of time by the No Fun League.