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Quinn Gray Signs With Houston

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Bringing in free agent QB Quinn Gray for a visit earlier this month seemed like a pretty good move. He was the best free agent QB still available based on the rankings from Football Outsiders and at age 28 he should still have a few good seasons ahead of him.

Instead he signed with the Texans for a crazy low signing bonus of $40,000. He's not a guy to build an offense around, but he's a solid backup QB who signed for next to nothing. At that price, the Packers should have made a move to get him. Hopefully this means GM Ted Thompson has given up on the free agent QB market and is now scouting draft prospects for a quality number two in a deep April draft class for QBs.

On a sidenote to this story; I don't know who's crazier, Minnesota for offering a 3rd round pick for QB Sage Rosenfels or Houston for turning them down. He's not as good as Gray and his high completion percentage over the last two seasons is masked by Houston's offense which encourages the QB to dump the ball quickly off for a 2 yard gain if the first option is covered. Rosenfels' 2007 stats were very similar to QB David Carr's 2006 season in Houston, and he's clearly a bum who isn't worth anywhere near a 3rd round pick.