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Position Review: Running Backs

This is almost too easy with GM Ted Thompson's quality moves last season that, injuries willing, has locked up the starting backfield for the next few seasons.

RB Ryan Grant
Thompson traded a 2008 6th round pick for a special teams player, but instead Grant became one of the best running backs in the NFL. He was a probably top 10 in all fantasy drafts next season, but the retirement of QB Brett Favre might give some non-Packer fan owners some pause. He even quietly recorded 30 receptions last season to go along with his 956 yards, 5.1 yards/carry average, and 8 TDs in one-half season as the starter. His greatest asset his vision. He seems to have an unteachable ability and feel for the open running lanes.

FB Korey Hall
Thompson used his 2007 6th round pick (one of them) to draft Hall. It wasn't an outstanding 2007 season, but he was solid. He rarely had a bad play and made some big blocks. It was amazing he played as well as he did since he's a rookie, and he was making the transition from college linebacker to NFL fullback. He should keep improving.

RB Brandon Jackson
The 2007 2nd round pick, and opening week starter, got hurt early and wasn't a factor most of the season. Oh, and was completely overshadowed by the emergence of Grant. Still he had a respectable 3.6 yards/carry, and he has fantastic receiving skills out of the backfield. Mike McCarthy should try and design some plays where Jackson comes out of the backfield on passing plays on a delay and can abuse a linebacker in coverage. Unfortunately for him he doesn't have Grant's size or vision, and has next to no chance of becoming the starter. He still should have a promising career ahead of him.

RB DeShawn Wynn
A 2007 7th round draft choice, he was the leading rusher for the Florida national championship team in his senior season. After missing most of the preseason with injuries, he got the chance to start some early season games, but another injury knocked him out the rest of the season. He would seem to be competing for Grant's spot on the roster as the starting, big back because he doesn't seem to have good receiving hands or a future as a 3rd down back. There was some talk about him as a fullback after he was drafted, so maybe he will find a role as a backup at multiple positions.

RB Vernand Morency
Before the start of last preseason, he seemed the likely starter, until a knee injury wiped out the preseason and first few weeks of the season. By the time he got back, all he was asked to do was fill the role as a 3rd down back. I would expect  him to fall behind Jackson next season, and find himself in a battle to stay on the team.

FB John Kuhn
He's the backup fullback, and appears to be a good lead blocker. He'll always be in a battle for a roster spot.

RB Noah Herron
The former practice squad player did very well when given a chance to play in 2006, but 2007 was lost entirely to injuries. Don't forget about him if he comes back healthy.