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NFL Draft In 30 Days

It's time to start focusing on the NFL Draft. Free agency is important too, but that is essentially over with the Packers once again only playing a minor part in it. The NFL bloggers of SB Nation will be holding a two round mock draft starting March 31 over at Mocking The Draft. Since the Packers are drafting at the end of the each round, I'll have a lot of time to think this over.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the Packers selecting a cornerback or offensive lineman in the 1st round. If the Packers had a pick in the top 10, then they might have a shot at the best (insert position here) available and it would be an interesting discussion. Instead a lot depends on who falls down to the Packers, but based on his past drafts, GM Ted Thompson hasn't established a pattern.

In his first draft back in 2005, he took QB Aaron Rodgers after he fell to him, but last season Thompson reached and drafted DT Justin Harrell in the 1st round and RB Brandon Jackson in the 2nd round much sooner than anyone was expecting. Will he look for a player with a high draft grade that unexpectedly fell to the end of the 1st round, or will he reach for the player he really wants?

Frank Coyle hands out rankings for each position over at Maybe the Packers should look for players at a position that is loaded with talent. Here are Coyle's grades for each position:

Position Draft Grade
Defensive End A
Offensive Tackle A
Running Back A
Cornerback B+
Quarterback B+
Wide Receiver B
Outside LB B
Defensive Tackle B
Fullback B
Tight End B
Free Safety C
Strong Safety C
Inside LB C
Guard C
Center D