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An Extra 4th Round Pick?

T-Minus 29 Days To NFL Draft

You would think would have a complete draft order somewhere online, but I couldn't find it. Instead this is my best guess at the draft order and its rank overall:

Round Pick Overall
1 30 30
2 25 56
2 29 60
3 28 91
4 30 123
5 29 154
7 30 186

Remember there is no 6th round pick because it was sent to the NY Giants in trade for RB Ryan Grant. There's nothing wrong with trading a draft choice for a good veteran and it's especially sweet when it works out that well.

Do you remember last season when there was a lot of debate whether to resign free agent RB Ahman Green? Well if the Packers had resigned him they would be looking at a big cap hit when they released him in favor of Grant. So far its already resulted in a big money savings. Now it gets even better because the NFL should award the Packers a 4th round compensatory pick in a couple days for the loss of Green. So now the net transaction is essentially Green and a 6th round pick for Grant and a 4th round pick.

The 4th round hasn't been a gold mine for GM Ted Thompson, but he's made a couple of nice selections:

Year Pick Result
2007 OL Allen Barbre Work In Progress
2006 WR Cory Rodgers Bust
2006 CB Will Blackmon Good, If He Can Stay Healthy
2005 S Marviel Underwood Lost To Injury
2005 LB Brady Poppinga Starter