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Surprise, Surprise

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Please. GM Ted Thompson said it was a "pleasant surprise" but he had to know that he was going to have an extra 4th round pick at his disposal for the "loss" of free agents RB Ahman Green and TE David Martin. Some dude on a message board predicted the Packers would receive a 4th round pick, and he isn't even privileged to the super secret formula the NFL uses to award these picks. No matter, because having an extra 4th round pick should be handy, although Thompson is only about 50% during that part of the draft over the last three years.

It was also announced that the Packers will open the season on Monday Night Football against Minnesota. The Vikings haven't done well with night games at Lambeau in recent seasons, but those games were usually later in the year, and the night of September 8th shouldn't be that cold at all.