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The 2008 Schedule

Date Team Football Outsiders 2007 Rank
Mon., Sept. 8 Minnesota Vikings 14
Sun., Sept. 14 @ Detroit Lions 24
Sun., Sept. 21 Dallas Cowboys (Gold Pkg.) 3
Sun., Sept. 28 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7
Sun., Oct. 5 Atlanta Falcons 28
Sun., Oct. 12 @ Seattle Seahawks 9
Sun., Oct. 19 Indianapolis Colts 2
Sun., Oct. 26 Open Date
Sun., Nov. 2 @ Tennessee Titans 10
Sun., Nov. 9 @ Minnesota Vikings 14
Sun., Nov. 16 Chicago Bears (Gold Pkg.) 20
Mon., Nov. 24 @ New Orleans Saints 21
Sun., Nov. 30 Carolina Panthers 27
Sun., Dec. 7 Houston Texans 17
Sun., Dec. 14 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 4
Mon., Dec. 22 @ Chicago Bears 20
Sun., Dec. 28 Detroit Lions 24

It's not a brutal schedule. Eight of the games are against teams that were below average in 2007 according to Football Outsiders, although the Packers did lose both games against Chicago last season. It didn't help that the Packers are playing the AFC South in 2008 and three of those four teams made the playoffs last season, while Houston finished 8-8. Still any season they get to play Dallas in Green Bay is a good season.

It's hard to tell how next season will unfold without QB Brett Favre, but I'm optimistic. The Packers went 4-0 against the AFC West last season, but the AFC South is much tougher and let's say they go 2-2. They won't win at Seattle and at Tampa Bay, so 1-1. They'll sweep Minnesota and Detroit again, but split against Chicago, so that's 5-1. They should beat Dallas (at Lambeau), Atlanta, New Orleans, and Carolina, but I'll add one loss to that group for 3-1. That would make it 11-5 which should be good enough to win the division again.

There can be some debate whether it can be better or worse, but all that matters is winning the division and getting into the playoffs. There is no award for a perfect regular season (ask New England) and a 10-6 regular season record that gets you into the playoffs can lead to a Super Bowl victory.