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Recent Draft History

Here are the number of players drafted over the last three years, by position, that are still with the team:

Position 2005 2006 2007
QB 1 0 0
OL 1 3 1
RB 0 0 3
WR 0 1 1
TE 0 0 0
DL 1 1 1
LB 1 2 1
CB 0 1 0
S 1 0 1
K 0 0 1

A couple of things caught my eye:

  • After free agency left gaping holes at center and both guard positions, GM Ted Thompson used three picks on offensive linemen in 2006.
  • He ignored the running back and full back positions in his first three drafts, but after RB Ahman Green left in free agency and FB William Henderson retired, he drafted three running backs in 2007.
  • Thompson has always drafted at least one offensive lineman and one defensive lineman that has stuck with the team.
  • He's basically ignored the cornerback and tight end positions.
One element of draft strategy is depth. You shouldn't ignore one position, or spend too many picks at one or two positions, without giving enough to your other positions. Thompson has done a good job of drafting up and down the depth chart to give the Packers young talent at almost every position. If the most important thing is drafting players at positions that have been ignored during the draft in recent years, then the draft priority is:
  1. Cornerback
  2. Quarterback
  3. Tight End