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SB Nation Mock Draft - 2nd Round

6 Days Until The Draft Begins

The Packers are soon to be picking in the 2nd round of the SB Nation Mock Draft hosted over at Mocking The The Packers have two picks almost back-to-back with the 56th and 60th overall, and this could be the key part of their draft. GM Ted Thompson has shown some specific tendencies in the 1st round, but by the 2nd round he opens it up a bit. Here are the team's top priorities:

3.Tight End
4.Offensive Guard

I filled the need at offensive guard when I took USC's OL Sam Baker in the 1st round. Here are arguably the top remaining players in the SB Nation Mock Draft available at those three positions with analysis from

Michigan QB Chad Henne

He carries an NFL starting grade as a result and may be one of the earliest regulars in this talented draft class. He is a top-50 prospect and probable second round pick with the tools to become a quality NFL starter. Clubs like the Bears, Chiefs, Ravens and Lions have him on their radar screen.
USC CB Terrell Thomas
He is a prospect with the tools to continue to develop but must make progress in coverage and technique to play up to his athletic and improve as a tackler. Clubs like the 49ers, Cardinals and Titans interest in the third round area.
Notre Dame TE John Carlson
He has a tall, angular frame that will allow further growth potential with strength development. He can be unstoppable as a receiver, especially in the red zone. He can catch the ball in traffic and has the ability to fight for yardage after the catch.
All three are projected by and New Era Scouting to go shortly before or shortly after the Packers 2nd round picks, so they are all worthy of a late 2nd round selection.

Henne might seem overrated, but he was durable until his senior season and if he were perfect then he would have been a top 5 pick. He started from the moment he put on a Michigan uniform, he's got a strong arm, and great accuracy on his deep passes. The Packers don't need Henne specifically, but they need someone to provide depth behind QB Aaron Rodgers and at least Henne has had a lot of college experience.

Thomas is a reach late in the 2nd round, but he will certainly be gone by the time the Packers draft in the 3rd round. He's got good speed and you can't teach a cornerback to be 6'2" tall. His height will be an asset if he can learn better technique, and will help make up for any lack of speed or mistakes in coverage.  

Carlson seems the least likely since GM Ted Thompson has never drafted a tight end higher than the 7th round in the past three seasons. Although TE Donald Lee had a breakout 2007 season as a receiver, he used to be considered only as a blocking tight end, so drafting a true receiving tight end might be a good thing. Carlson might be the best receiving tight end in the draft.